WARCRY PUMP, Pre-workout, 210g, 7.40oz, Watermelon, Naturally Flavored, Dietary Supplement, Shop now in US, Free Shipping in US, Made in USA
WARCRY PUMP, Pre-workout, 210g, 7.40oz, Watermelon, Naturally Flavored, Dietary Supplement, Shop now in US, Free Shipping in US, Made in USA
WARCRY PUMP, Pre-workout, 210g, 7.40oz, Watermelon, Naturally Flavored, Dietary Supplement, Shop now in US, Free Shipping in US, Made in USA


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  • For endurance sports
  • More power behind each rep
  • Lowers heart rate without fatigue
  • Increases the number of set 1 repetition by 13%
  • 15-30 minutes to "kick in" depending on how recent the last meal was
  • Watermelon flavor


WARCRY PUMP is a lot less stimulant intensive than other pre-workout supplements. WarCry® made this for the boys and girls who are sensitive to caffeine or hitting the gym late at night but still geared to use something "pump" orientated.

Its main feature? With WARCY Pump, you will feel the HUGE difference in how you feel between sets. In a word, this pump supplement improves your performance, especially in endurance sports.

The joint action of the amino acid L-citrulline and malic acid stimulates the resynthesis of ATP, enabling you better circulation, which together leads to a reduction in muscle fatigue between sets, an increase in muscle endurance, and an acceleration of recovery.

A good, clean, effective pump supplement with an intense energy boost, but only when you ask for it!

Glycerol ingestion increases the length of time that you can spend exercising because of the improvement in physical endurance. In addition, heart rate during exercise will be significantly lower after repetition.

Therefore, you won't detect any extra increases in heart rate or hyperactivity, or any other biological reaction. So enjoy pushing your body harder - and feel safe about it!

You might also find your muscles burning and asking you to end your set, but within a minute or two of putting down the weights, it will feel almost as if you hadn't done the initial set in the first place.


This is why the veins in your arms may look like a roadmap.


WARCRY Pump's reactions essentially release nitric oxide (NO) into the body, which relaxes and dilates smooth muscles, allowing increased blood flow. Smooth muscle lines the blood vessels as well as the gastrointestinal tract.

A few people might complain of GI upset after using citrulline supplements. If you are one of them, we recommend reducing the dose.

As far as the sacred "pump" goes, never fear. WARCRY Pump will get you there and then some.

The pump is much more intense. As a result, you'll be able to push yourself so hard in workouts while using this product that you'll "feel" the muscle is failing because it's so packed with blood.

Additionally, the amount of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness) is significantly lower.

You have to experience this product. Increase workout duration and the amount of weight you lift. Go ahead!

And don't worry, when taken responsibly as part of a balanced diet and regular activity. You will enjoy the benefits of it.

May the gains be with you. 





Yes. Betaine anhydrous in WARCRY Pump participates in the methylation of homocysteine to form methionine. Methionine is critical in the synthesis of creatine. Therefore a proposed mechanism of betaine is its ability to improve strength and power by increasing creatine availability and enhancing muscle.



WARCRY Pump contains Adenosine 5-triphosphate disodium (120mg). Results showed that a single 400 mg dose of ATP improved lower body resistance training performance and energy expenditure, increasing the number of set 1 repetition by 13%, numerical increases in total repetitions by 7%, and weight lifted by 6%. But this is not the only ingredient, so you should expect more.



We won't lie to you. You might have to go during training hour(s). The breakdown of amino acids within the body results in ammonia as a byproduct. Since ammonia is toxic, the body converts it to urea in the liver, which travels through the blood, and the kidneys filter it out of the body via urine.

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